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Witch University is the college for all the young adult in Halloweentown seen in Return to Halloweentown.


It is a castle created 10 centuries ago, then known as Cromwell Castle. It was the ancestral home of the Cromwells, but was later converted.

After Aggie Cromwell became an ordinary witch, the castle became an institute for young witches and warlocks.

Recently, Witch University enrollment was severely down, so Halloweentown Council and the School decided that for the first time in it's history they would admit non-witches/warlocks. The low enrollment of witches and warlocks has mainly Marnie Piper to blame, as she opened the portal between both worlds. Witches and Warlocks were required to use their magic, but when Marnie opened the portal between both worlds and non-witches and warlocks attended, they forbid the use of magic on school grounds so the magic users wouldn't gain an unfair advantage over non magic users.


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Return to Halloweentown

This is the fourth and final installment of the Halloweentown series. It takes place when Gwen catches Marnie using magic to sort through her clothes and pick-out the ones she wants, and doesn't want. It starts off with Silas Sinister talking about a prophecy about Aggie Cromwell's heir for The Gift. Afterwards, Gwen is seen talking to soup which she is actually talking to Aggie Cromwell, which Sophie Piper is training to become a fully fledged witch. Afterwards, Marnie tells Gwen that she'd attend college in Holloweentown, and her mother Gwen wants her to go to college in the mortal world for 2 years and then go up to state, and to her mothers dismay Marnie got a full scholarship without her mothers knowing and this angers Gwen. Soon later, Gwen allows Marnie to go only if Marnie takes Dylan with her. After, Dylan helps Marnie pack her bags to head off to college, and Dylan agrees with Gwen to go along with Marnie to attend Witch U. However, they meet Benny while arriving to Halloweentown for the first time in a few years and hearing his unfunny jokes again relieves Marnie and Dylan. Later, Marnie attends her first class and meets the Sinister Sisters, whom the rules state that students aren't allowed to use magic on campus, boys do it to help them even knowing that they can't. After this however, Marnie receives a letter from a unknown person and she meets Aneesa who becomes Marnie's Resident Advisor at the college who to Marnie's shock, is the first genie to ever attend Witch U. Furthermore, Dylan and Marnie fall to the floor after Marnie's caught using magic and meets Dr. Ichabod Grogg for the first time, and he uses magic to trip them, and Dylan meets the Sinister Sisters and falls in love after seeing the sisters speak Latin. Afterwards, Marnie gains her dorm and Aggie uses magic to somehow get into the dorm and is relieved to find out that she got her room back in the early-days of Halloweentown when she was supposed to be the queen of Halloweentown. The plot of this movie however, is the staff being apart of the evil organization the Dominion who tries there hardest to trick Marnie into opening the box that contains The Gift. Afterwards, Marnie attends her class with Professor Periwinkle and after class Marnie asks her to talk, which she accepts and Marnie asks if she knows anyone by the name S. Cromwell, whom to Marnie's surprise says yes and tells her it's Splendora Agatha Cromwell who is her grandmother but she doesn't go by that name anymore. After doing so, they talk once more after this and use magic to go back into the past and meet Splendora and to Marnie's shock, she meets a young Periwinkle. And, she finds Splendora but her guards freeze her and teleports her into a jailcell and Periwinkle shows up again and, using magic helps Marnie teleport to Aggie's room and once Aggie enters the room, she's surprised to see someone enter the room and when she tells her, that only a Cromwell can enter the room, Aggie shows her what's contained into the box and uses it to scare Marnie and Aggie asks how did you enter, Marnie asks her why she's so rude, she says she's supposed to become queen and she needs to lock away the Gift for good so that no other Cromwell can use it against citizens of Halloweentown, and Marnie tells Splendora that she's her grandmother and she finally understands how she entered the room, and soon after, gives her the key because the best place to hide something is in the future she says. Before this, one of the Sinister Sisters use magic to steal Marnie's book to gain extra credit from Professor Periwinkle, soon later, Marnie attends her first class with Ichabod Grogg and is asked the class to write a whole essay on non-magical and the magical realms. Again, one of the Sinister Sisters use magic so when Marnie writes, the writing goes to her paper and when Marnie's finished writing she doesn't have any words. And, to Ichabod's confusion she says she wrote a full page and he breathes ice onto the paper and realizes the paper was hexxed and makes a thorough investigation on it. Furthermore, once Dylan finally goes on a date with the Sinister Sisters while Marnie's out with Dylan eating ice-cream and she becomes angry because they're using him. Spells are not allowed only on Halloween. After Marnie sees Dylan hanging out with them, she gets up but to Ethan's dismay he says it's not worth-it but she goes to them anyways and Marnie continues to angry the sisters and they use magic on Dylan and turn him into a dog. Before this, Chancellor Goodwin talks to Marnie about her time at Witch U not about the paper incident. Once more, one of the Sinister sisters uses magic and picks a skull up and gets credit but Marnie is able to take up The Gift because Marnie is the heir of Aggie Cromwell. Back to Ethan, Marnie, Sinister Sisters, and Dylan being turned into a dog, Ethan and Marnie leave and go back to the college. Furthermore, Marnie goes up to the stage by the Drool Guy and the Sinister Sisters are taken to Silas' room, and Chancellor Goodwin yells at the Sinister Sisters because they're not taking the prophecy seriously. After this, Gwen arrives at the college because it is Halloween and she meets Marnie but not Dylan so she asks where is he and she tells her he got turned into a dog. Before this, Ethan bribes two of the heads with hamburgers so that they can spill out the truth about why they are spying on Marnie but they do not accept. Furthermore, Marnie shows up with a flash drive and hooks it up with the computer and halfway in, Marnie teleports to a caged Dylan in Silas' room, and the staff tells her she'll be queen for the day. This is because, however, not to Marnie's knowledge Ethan tells Marnie the staff works for the Dominion but Marnie doesn't believe this and she quits being friends with him for that time period. She afterwards meets up with Periwinkle, and they use magic to go back into time to talk to Splendora about the prophecy, gift, the Dominion, and the future of Halloweentown. Marnie arrives and meets the early-days of Halloweentown, Splendora, and a younger Percilla Periwinkle. Soon after, Periwinkle tells her that Splendora has her coronation that day, and she meets up with her a few hours later before hand though, a older lady and Splendora's security freeze Marnie and they tell the group to spite Marnie and they teleport her into a jail cell and Periwinkle helps her use magic to teleport to the room that she has and only a Cromwell can enter. Afterwards, once Marnie's obtained the key, she goes back to the future and opens the Box and the Dominion members trick Marnie into using the Gift and she becomes queen for the day (Halloween). And, Aneesa, Gwen, Marnie, and Dylan make up a plan to destroy the Gift because three Cromwell's created, three Cromwell's can destroy it. In the end, Ethan tells Marnie he has feelings for her, and Dylan is the new obtainer of the gift cause it wasn't fully destroyed once it was sucked into Aneesa's genie bottle.