Natalie is a resident of Halloweentown who decides to be a part of the high school exchange student program set up by Marnie Piper.

Halloweentown High

Natalie is a pretty high school girl who is a part of the exchange student program between Halloweentown and the human world. She shares a few things in common with Dylan Piper, who develops a crush on her. She seems to return his affections and enjoys hanging out with him. Unfortunately, when Dylan discovers that she is truly a bright pink, hairy troll, he is unpleasantly surprised, almost disappointed and even possibly a bit disgusted. Hurt by his offensive reaction to her natural form, she tells him that she is considered beautiful in her world and that he, with his pale, hairless skin, is one of the ugliest creatures she has ever seen. But she believes it's what is on the inside that matters, and she's disappointed that he doesn't seem to think the same way.