The Gray Spell

The Gray Spell is the name of a spell that had been used in Halloweentown II: Kalabar's Revenge.


The Gray Spell is a spell known to change a person's personality and looks. Any person who falls victim to the spell will portray normality and their entire body, including their clothes will turn gray.

The spell is pronounced as Apart. The reverse spell is pronounced Trapa.


"I should say this is the caricature of humans in Halloweentown, just as humans make fun of us, from the mortal world at Halloween."
—Aggie to Marnie, explaining the Gray Spell.

Kal used this spell on Halloweentown, which caused all of the creatures to turn gray and act "boring" as if they were humans. Though humans aren't actually boring like the way the creatures were shown to be. The big jack o' lantern became a big block of bricks, which Kal used to communicate with Marnie and Aggie.

When entering her house, Aggie along with Marnie and Luke, discover that the house had also affected by the Gray Spell. And while searching for Aggie's other spell-book, Marnie was able to reverse the spell and turn Luke back into a goblin, unfortunately she couldn't figure out how.

At Gort's house, Aggie fell victim to the spell and was transformed into the gray-human version of herself. She then, began to sort socks with Gort while Marnie and Luke were trying to find a way out of the spell, keeping them in Gort's house.

After travelling along the timeline in Gort's closet and getting back to the present, Marnie reverses the spell and changes Aggie back to normal.

Later, after re-opening the portal, Marnie along with Aggie, Dylan, Sophie and Luke go back to Halloweentown and reverse the spell, changing the entire town and the creatures back to normal. Aggie waves her hand at the jack o' lantern and changes it back into its former self.


Gray Spell - Apart

Gray Spell - Trapa

Notes and Trivia

  • It is unknown of how Kal actually cast the spell on all of Halloweentown. Considering that the spell appeared to need the requirement of pointing at the person(s) or objects to be affected by the spell. Though Kal could have traveled to Aggie's and Gort's houses, respectively.