Edgar Dalloway is the main antagonist of Halloweentown High.



He is the former head of the Halloweentown Council and wants the portal closed for good.


Halloweentown High

He also desires the Cromwell magic, and tries every scheme possible to get it. He nearly succeeds but is stopped when Marnie proves that humans really have changed and Gwen returns with Cassie whom she rescued from where Edgar trapped her. The Cromwell witches retake their powers from Edgar. The Halloweentown High Council (deciding to give humans another chance) traps Edgar in Aggie's Witch's Glass resigning him from the Halloweentown Council and arresting him for arson, Domestic terrorism, kidnapping and sabotaging the Cromwell family's attempts to stop the chaos from the rampaging monsters he created and since one of them started a small fire near a big pumpkin and his sabotage resulted in the fire getting bigger when marnie and Aggie tried to put it out with there magic.

Return to Halloweentown

He does not appear, but his son Ethan reveals to Marnie that his father had lost his magic after the events of the third movie and also that he used to belong to a coven known as the Dominion, formed by seven evil witches and warlocks.

Powers and Abilities



Ethan Dalloway


Halloweentown Council

Phil Flanagan


  • "Please. You wouldn't have even known that the Knights of the Iron Dagger exsisted if I hadn't found you and told you."


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